Document Q&A 26 May 2023
Simplified prompt & accurate data comprehension.

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PandaChat is AI tool that enables you to chat with your data in any file, audio, image, website, or YouTube video. Interact, gain insights, and get information quickly like never before. Explore different PandaChat products in order to get the best out of this revolutionising AI technology.

PandaChat Mobile
Data insights right at your fingertips. Whether you're traveling, in a meeting, or simply away from your desk, stay connected and chat with your files through mobile chat functionality.

PandaChat Brief
Summarize any article. With this innovative feature, you can now summarize and engage in live conversations with any website directly within your browser.

PandaChat Embed
Embed Chatbot on your website. Supercharge your website's functionality: Embed interactive chatbots to drive user engagement and revolutionise customer support.
PandaChat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 26th 2023.
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Nejc Bezget
· Jul 4, 2023
Very cool extension
Liza Trupej
· Jul 3, 2023
Impressive tool, I find it particularly useful for studying! 👍🏻
Primož Cigoj
· Jul 3, 2023
Use it every day
blacky vip
· Jul 3, 2023
Decent work... I like chrome extension
Franci Klavž
· Jul 3, 2023
Excelent summarisation tool.
Franci Klavž
· Jun 27, 2023
Really boosts my productivity. Longer articles summarised really quickly.🐼

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Pros and Cons


Quick data comprehension
Multiple product options
File format versatility
Website crawling feature
Instant answers
Context recognition
Sophisticated search techniques
Document parsing
Multi-format compatibility
Applicable in numerous industries
User-friendly design
Natural language processing
Supports various apps
Targeted search results
Concise summaries of articles
Can process images/audio/sites/videos
Can be embedded into websites


No offline functionality
No support for databases
Limited app integrations
No explicit security features
No multilingual support
No Enterprise version mentioned
No API for developers
Implementation in new platforms 'coming soon'
No sentiment analysis feature
No feedback mechanism for incorrect answers


What is PandaChat?
How does PandaChat work?
What kind of files can PandaChat process?
Can PandaChat analyze images?
How does PandaChat use natural language processing?
In what industries can PandaChat be utilized?
What is document parsing and how does PandaChat employ it?
Does PandaChat support multiple file formats?
Can I use PandaChat on my mobile device?
Does PandaChat have a Chrome extension?
Can PandaChat be embedded into my website?
Is it safe to upload files to PandaChat?
How does PandaChat ensure the relevance and accuracy of its responses?
What applications are supported by PandaChat?
How does PandaChat help in education and research?
How does PandaChat generate precise search outcomes?
Does PandaChat provide instant answers to queries?
Can PandaChat transform information from lengthy documents?
How does PandaChat understand user intent and context?
What products does PandaChat offer?

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