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AI ChatDocs is an AI chatbot intended to enable users to interact with their documents. This chatbot utilizes OpenAI's ChatGPT technology to answer questions directly sourced from documents.

To optimize user convenience, no specific coding knowledge is necessary to implement. Users can also chat with documents and gather precise responses to their questions.

The chatbot is suitable for both website incorporation and information extraction from uploaded PDFs or documents. AI ChatDocs enables users to upload materials such as research papers, manuals, and more to broaden the chatbot's knowledge base.

The tool also enables the creation of multiple chat projects, each containing different documents, thus facilitating individual and separate chats for each project.

Furthermore, AI ChatDocs provides features to track all previous conversations for each project, procure API keys for separate projects, and follow up the API usage.

As such, AI ChatDocs serves multiple use cases, including customer support by constructing bots that use AI technology to answer queries using the existing knowledge base, sales copilots, and product copilots to aid users in exploring the product's potential.


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AI ChatDocs was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


No coding knowledge needed
Direct interaction with documents
Website integration capabilities
Information extraction from PDFs
Supports variety of materials
Creates multiple chat projects
Tracks previous conversations
Generates API keys separately
Monitors API usage
Useful for customer support
Beneficial as sales copilot
Handy as product copilot
Can import Youtube media
Ingests github repositories
Unlimited chatbot creation
Can filter lengthy PDFs
Access full chat history
Ingests from multiple sources
UI friendly for users
Expandable knowledge base
Potential for turbocharged research
Appropriate for documentation
Free trial availability
Flexible pricing plans
Single API for all projects


Limited free tier
Limited messages per day
Page restrictions
Potential inaccuracy
Convoluted API tracking
No offline usage
Not open source
Requires constant document updating
Needs extensive document inputs
Only supports English documents


What is AI ChatDocs?
How does AI ChatDocs make use of OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology?
How do I implement AI ChatDocs without specific coding knowledge?
Can I chat directly with my documents using AI ChatDocs?
How can AI ChatDocs be incorporated into my website?
How does AI ChatDocs extract information from uploaded PDFs or documents?
What types of documents can I upload to AI ChatDocs?
How do I create multiple chat projects on AI ChatDocs?
How can I track previous discussions for each project in AI ChatDocs?
How does AI ChatDocs provide API keys for separate projects?
Can AI ChatDocs help me with customer support?
How does AI ChatDocs function as a sales copilot or product copilot?
What constitutes AI ChatDocs’ knowledge base?
How can I use AI ChatDocs for data extraction and information retrieval?
Does AI ChatDocs support natural language processing?
Can I link AI ChatDocs to my website?
Can AI ChatDocs analyse and summarize information from my documents?
Is there a limit on the amount of content I can upload to AI ChatDocs?
Can I use AI ChatDocs’ technology to create customer support bots to answer queries?
What are the different subscription plans offered by AI ChatDocs?

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