Document Q&A 08 Jul 2023
Comprehensive document review and communication solution

Generated by ChatGPT

Ayfie AI Personal Assistant, powered by ChatGPT, is a tool that offers assistance in reviewing, summarizing, and communicating with documents. By simply dropping your documents, Ayfie's AI Personal Assistant provides first-class help in these areas and more.

The tool's website utilizes cookies to collect information about user interactions, enabling customization of the browsing experience and providing analytics and metrics for website performance.

Ayfie's Privacy Policy is available for users to find out more about the cookies used.In addition to the AI Personal Assistant, Ayfie offers a range of other products and services.

These include Ayfie Chat with Your Documents, designed to facilitate conversation and collaboration with documents. Ayfie also provides specific versions of the Personal Assistant tailored for students and professionals.Ayfie offers Enterprise Search & Insights solutions through Ayfie Locator, which enables efficient searching and exploration of important data.

Ayfie Locator for Legal is designed specifically for legal professionals. Ayfie also offers Compliance & GDPR solutions through Ayfie Supervisor, ensuring compliance with regulations.Users can find more information about the company, its technology, and its leadership team on the website.

The resources section provides access to customer feedback, a blog, webinars, use cases, and training courses. Investor relations information, including stock information and publications, is also available.Ayfie API services allow developers to access a range of tools, including Document2Text API, Entity Extractor API, Keyword Extractor API, Sentiment Analysis API, Summarizer API, and Translator API.

The API Portal provides access to the documentation and allows developers to provide feedback on Ayfie APIs.Overall, Ayfie AI Personal Assistant, along with its suite of products and services, offers a comprehensive solution for document review, summarization, and communication, with additional tools to enhance search, compliance, and development capabilities.

Ayfie was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 8th 2023.
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Michael Sender
· Aug 16, 2023
Tested several tools like this. This one produced the most coherent result from a medium quality PDF scan. The only downside is that the document analysis seems to take very long. I had to pick it up the next day. But so far Ayfie is my preferred tool for scanned document analysis.
Yathi Raj
· Aug 10, 2023
it seems pretty good, just started using . The answers generated seem to be apt and makes sense. Currently using free version. Worth a try.

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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive document review
Communication solution assistant
Summary and chat tool
Professionals and students versions
Enterprise search & insights
Compliance & GDPR solutions
Wide range of API services
Interactive API portal
Detailed API documentation
Customizable browsing experience
Analytics and metrics
Extensive resources section
Investor relations info
Easy document drop feature
Supports most file types
User-friendly chat interface
Immediate responses
No up front pay
Easy registration system
Multi-language support
550+ supported file formats
Microsoft Azure infrastructure security
Personalised user profiles
Document conversational capabilities
Convenient access to APIs
Compliance with regulations
Efficient data searching
Specialised solutions for legal professionals
Customizable solutions for professionals and students
Secured Microsoft Azure infrastructure for data
GDPR compliance
Webinars and training for users
Concise summaries and insights from documents
Easy document uploading with chat feature
High data protection standards


Limited document upload
No team member access
Requires document upload
Dependent on Microsoft Azure
Only supports text analysis
No Multi-user support
No cited sources in chat
Freemium has limited features
Charges for premium features
Copies text from documents

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