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Turn reading and research into saved time.
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AskDocs is an AI assistant developed to efficiently manage reading and research tasks. The tool can handle a variety of document formats including legal contracts, academic papers, and even cater to different media content such as YouTube links.

The AI assistant is capable of quickly scanning, understanding, and finding relevant details from these documents. Furthemore, AskDocs is adept at summarizing dense information, thereby providing the user with compact, insightful answers paired with citations.

Its multi-document processing capability allows users to conduct extensive research across complex documents simultaneously, further accelerating data processing and retrieval.

AskDocs also features document questioning options which range from single to group document questioning, making it a flexible and user-friendly tool.

It supports multiple file types including PDF, DOCX, TXT, CSV, EPUB and expands its utility by providing YouTube Link processing as well. Additionally, this tool utilises advanced NLP models like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 to extract questions and provide precise answers from the documents.

AskDocs aims at enhancing productivity along with maintaining a high level of accuracy and fast processing time, effectively making it a powerful research assistant.


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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple document formats
Handles YouTube link processing
Summarizes dense information
Extracts answers with citations
Entails Multi-document processing
Flexible document questioning options
Supports PDF, DOCX, TXT, CSV, EPUB files
Incorporates advanced NLP models
Capable of group document questioning
Quick data processing and retrieval
High level of accuracy
User-friendly interface
Aims at enhancing productivity
Fast processing time
Accessible for diverse media content
Capable of legal document analysis
Suits academic research
Effective for content understanding
Streamlined reading management
Excellent for text summarization
Supports multilingual documents
Caters to single document questioning
Optimizes time in research
Proffers YouTube Video Chat
Keeps chat history


No mobile app support
Limited file upload size
No offline functionality
Restrictive document questioning options
Tiered service restrictions
No multilingual processing
No robust PDF editing
Doesn't integrate with cloud storage
Questions limited to text
No manual summarization control


What is AskDocs?
How does AskDocs process different document formats?
Does AskDocs support processing of YouTube links?
What kind of summaries can AskDocs provide?
How does AskDocs enhance productivity?
Can AskDocs process multiple documents at once?
What are the document questioning options available in AskDocs?
Does AskDocs support EPUB file format?
Which advanced NLP models are used in AskDocs?
What is the processing time of AskDocs?
What file types does AskDocs exactly support?
How is AskDocs useful for academic research?
Does AskDocs offer any features to assist in legal document analysis?
How accurate are the answers provided by AskDocs?
What is Group Document Questioning in AskDocs?
Is AskDocs available in multiple languages?
Can AskDocs handle .csv file format?
Does AskDocs offer a YouTube Video Chat feature?
What advantages does the GPT-4 model give to AskDocs users?
What are the different pricing plans for AskDocs?

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