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Customizable chatbots w/ multilingual support & docs.
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"Build custom chatGPT for your business" is an AI tool that allows businesses to create a personalized chatbot for their specific needs. The tool features tailored forms to suit each use case, including WhatsApp chatbot, custom app, website, and chat widget.

Businesses can also use building blocks to stay ahead of the competition and add powerups for a higher level of customizability. With comprehensive API documentation, users can create bespoke applications or integrate them into existing ones.

Additionally, the chatbot is multilingual, capable of conversing in any language. The appearance, design, and widget types can be personalized to meet specific branding requirements, and interactions with the chatbot can be monitored through the platform's dashboard.

The tool offers a variety of training options, including URLs, PDFs, docs, docx, and Google Sheets. Users can provide instructions manually or through file uploads, and an upload API feature is coming soon.

The tool offers a community where businesses can share their ideas and receive support. Higher plan users can also receive custom solutions with the assistance of the development team.

Overall, Build custom chatGPT for your business is an AI tool that streamlines the chatbot creation process, offering users a personalized and multilingual end product with various customization options and comprehensive documentation.


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Pros and Cons


Customizable chatbots
Multilingual support
Can integrate with WhatsApp
Customizable forms to suit needs
Powerups for customizability
Comprehensive API documentation
Personalizable appearance and design
Widget customization
Interaction monitoring feature
Variety of training options
Supports URLs, PDFs, docs, docx, and Google Sheets
Manual and file upload options
Upcoming upload API feature
Community for support and ideas
Custom solutions for higher plans


No offline functionality
No Voice Interaction
Limited to business use
API complexity
Upload API not ready
Requires continuous training
Custom solutions on higher plans only
Dashboard only interaction monitoring
Community support only
No pre-built templates


What is SuperDash's 'Build custom chatGPT for your business'?
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What different training options does 'Build custom chatGPT for your business' offer?
Can I integrate SuperDash with my existing applications?
What are the different types of widgets offered by SuperDash's tool?
What plan should I chose to receive custom chatbot solutions?
Does SuperDash allow me to monitor my chatbot interactions?
Is there any community support offered by SuperDash?
Can I provide instruction to my chatbot manually?
How does the 'Building Blocks' feature help in staying ahead of the competition?
What are the 'Powerups' offered by 'Build custom chatGPT for your business'?
Can I use SuperDash to create a WhatsApp chatbot?
How can I customize the appearance and design of the chatbot using SuperDash?
What is the 'Upload API' feature that's coming soon?
Can I use SuperDash to build a custom app for my business?
What is 'Comprehensive API documentation' feature offered by SuperDash?
Which document formats can be used to train the SuperDash chatbot?
How to feed instructions to the SuperDash chatbot through file uploads?
How does 'Build custom chatGPT for your business' assist in meeting specific branding requirements?

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