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Danswer is an open-source, AI-powered assistant designed to streamline workplace search across an organization. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with a range of company documents, applications, and human resources, providing users with quick access to the information they need.

The AI leverages models similar to those used by ChatGPT but with greater flexibility, providing AI responses that are grounded in real, verifiable sources rather than artificial constructs.

Danswer caters to workplaces where rapid information access and retrieval are of key importance. It facilitates data exploration and retrieval through natural language processing and allows users to avoid lock-in to a specific model provider.

Users can self-host Danswer for free, affording a high level of data privacy and control. A special feature of Danswer is the ability to customize the AI assistant's responses for different roles within the organization, thereby personalizing the user experience.

Ongoing support is offered via a comprehensive range of packages, including a free community version and a cloud version. Danswer also offers an embedded solution for Slack, supporting efficient real-time information discovery.

While a variety of integrations are available, there is a focus on expanding availability, seamlessly connecting a wider range of workplace applications.


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Pros and Cons


Streamlines workplace searches
Integrates with company documents
Integrates with applications
Integrates with human resources
Provides quick information access
Caters to rapid information retrieval
Uses natural language processing
Avoids model provider lock-in
Self-hosting option
High level of data privacy
Personalized user experience
Free community version
Cloud version available
Embedded solution for Slack
Real-time information discovery
Expanding application integration
Supports efficient document Q&A
Self-hosting for data control
Different packages for support
Customizable for various organizational roles
25+ turnkey integrations
Can pick from different model providers
Built for Slack integration
Allows self-hosting for free
Can create tailored personas
Role-based access control in Cloud version
Usage analytics
Query history
Priority support
Hybrid search powered by NLP
Custom Personas for each use case
User authentication or Google Single Sign-on
Easy Docker deployment
Enterprise support (24 hour SLA) with Cloud Enterprise
Supports priority feature requests
Supports Whitelabeling


Dependency on external model providers
Requires manual configuration of personas
Limited to workplace applications
No implicit data learning
Restricted hybrid search forms
Missing native mobile application
May demand deep tech knowledge
Focus on expanding, limited current integrations
Data sources sync coming soon


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What types of support packages does Danswer offer?
Does Danswer have a Slack integration?
What other integrations does Danswer offer or plan to offer?
What does 'avoid model provider lock-in' mean in the context of Danswer?
What kind of sources does Danswer leverage for AI responses?
How is Danswer designed for workplaces where rapid information access is key?
How does Danswer facilitate data exploration and retrieval?
Can I use Danswer for free?
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What makes Danswer a good fit for organizations prioritizing data privacy?
How does Danswer support real-time information discovery?
What are the key differences between the community version and the cloud version of Danswer?

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