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DocUp is an AI tool that helps businesses optimize their support flow by automatically answering customer questions. It can be used as a chatbot or integrated into existing support solutions.

The tool improves customer experience by providing instant responses to queries with the information extracted from the company's documentation and content.

If the customer needs further assistance, they will be guided on how to contact the company.To train the AI, users can feed it different types of content, such as URLs, sitemaps, plain text, and FAQs.

Currently, PDFs are not supported but are being worked on. The AI can be trained to provide instant replies to customer inquiries, ensuring quick resolution and minimizing waiting time.

The chatbot functionality can be integrated into the company's website, allowing customers to get immediate answers without lag.DocUp offers various pricing plans that include API access, chatbot access, collections, sources, and credits.

Customers have the option to start with a free plan, and there is a 30-day refund policy in place.The tool also provides a chat widget to answer customer questions live on the website.

Additionally, it can be integrated into the company's support and documentation flow, allowing customers to receive automated replies before contacting the support team.Overall, DocUp is an AI tool designed to streamline customer support processes, enhance efficiency, and deliver faster responses to customer queries.


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Pros and Cons


Automated customer support
Instant replies to queries
Integration with existing support solutions
Chatbot functionality
API and chatbot access
Free plan availability
30-day refund policy
Live chat widget
Website integration
Faster customer query responses
Optimizes support flow
Increases efficiency
Pricing plans adaptable to needs
Automated replies before human contact
Can add URLs for training
Can add plain text for training
Can add FAQs for training
Can add sitemap for training
Live chat with no lag
Guides customers to human help if needed
Receive product update notifications
Support & documentation flow integration
Trainable on documents in minutes
Instant reply training
Allows for retraining on updated content
Supports sources and credits


Doesn't support PDFs
Limited website licenses
Limited collections in plans
Source limitations
Credit system complexity
Limited integrations
Potentially long training times


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Can DocUp be integrated into my existing customer support solutions?
Does DocUp offer a live chat widget?
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