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Chat with PDFs using Gen AI to boost productivity and efficiency.
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Axsar PDF Editor & Chat PDFs AI is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline document handling and collaboration. Its core function is to facilitate editing, annotation, and chatting with PDFs using Gen AI technology.

This specific feature enables users to summarize content, ask critical questions, and quickly extract necessary information from the documents. Furthermore, it integrates online proofing software, aiding in smoother team collaboration as colleagues can comment, review, and approve files or PDF assets collectively.

The tool accommodates the creation of projects, adding assets, and assigning team members for asset sharing, review, or approval. This characteristic makes it suitable for marketing professionals, researchers, and students who frequently engage with PDFs and document collaboration.

Additional capabilities include adding checklists to PDFs, tracking documents on visual Kanban boards, and utilizing custom fields for better organization.

It is accessible across different platforms, including web, Android, and iOS. Notably, Axsar PDF also features an AI-driven chat attribute that allows for deeper interaction with the contents of the PDFs.

The tool also supports subscription sharing with team members for collaborative PDF work, contributing further to improved productivity and efficiency.


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Axsar PDF was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Cross-platform compatibility
PDF editing and annotation
Online proofing software
Team collaboration features
Individual project creation
Asset addition and assignment
Checklist addition to PDFs
Document tracking on Kanban
Use of custom fields
Subscription sharing capability
Interactive PDF summarization
Quick information extraction
Effective for various professionals
PDF assets collective approval
Critical question asking in PDFs
Team member assignment for review
Customized status tracking
Visual representation of workflow
Study materials annotation
PDFs as personal study buddies
Easy extraction of critical info
Easy sharing of academic findings
Legal contracts and reports chat
Personalized fields addition
Add comments on PDFs
Track PDFs visually
Easily collect feedback online
Customizable checklists for PDFs
Online subscriptions handling
Free trial availability
Sign-up and invite users
Centralized feedback for collaboration
Review and approve assets online
Efficiency boosting features
Smoother productivity enhancement
User-friendly pricing for teams
No credit card required for trial
Signing and filling forms support
Proofreading and correction features
Intelligent insights extraction from PDFs
Collaborative assets review and approval
Assets release 'to-do' lists
One-stop solution for PDF operations
Supports both iOS and Android


Extensive features might overload users
Limited to PDF collaboration
Depends on subscription sharing
No offline features
Light on accessibility features
Limited customization options
No detailed data privacy features
Limited support channels
Focus on Kanban may alienate non-Kanban users


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How does the team collaboration feature work in Axsar PDF?
How are Kanban boards used in Axsar PDF?
Is Axsar PDF ideal for researchers and students?
Can I add checklists to PDFs using Axsar PDF?
Does Axsar PDF accommodate creation of projects and assigning team members?
Is the subscription of Axsar PDF shareable with my team members?
How does the document editing and annotation feature work in Axsar PDF?
How does Axsar PDF help with online proofing?
What kind of custom fields can be used for better organization in Axsar PDF?
How does Axsar PDF help in summarising content and asking critical questions from documents?
Does Axsar PDF have a feature to review and approve the files or PDF assets?
Can I extract necessary information quickly from the documents in Axsar PDF?
How can Axsar PDF facilitate smoother team collaboration?
Can Axsar PDF aid in asset sharing, review, or approval?

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