Document Q&A 2023-12-04
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Improved document collaboration and analysis.
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Papermark AI is a revolutionary, open-source AI platform aimed at reshaping document sharing and collaboration. The tool offers promising features designed to enhance your interaction with various types of documents such as pitch decks, sales decks, and PDFs.

Through its AI functionalities, it can provide insights on shared documents, check for grammar and errors, summarize documents, and even turn your pitch deck into a memo.

Papermark AI also facilitates secure document sharing ensuring your confidential documents are well protected. Real-time analytics are provided, helping users to gain insights into document engagements.

You can create custom links for your documents making it more professional when sharing with clients or investors. Additionally, it works as a document receiver, where it can chat with received documents, quickly find information in received documents, and compare different documents.

Being an open-source tool, Papermark AI offers you the flexibility to tailor the platform to your specific document interaction needs.


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Dec 7, 2023
I tested the app to summarize a pdf document, however it failed to do its work.

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