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Search and query PDF docs with semantic features.
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Chatwithpdf is a ChatGPT plugin tool that allows users to load and query PDF documents using ChatGPT. To use the tool, users must provide a temporary PDF URL for processing from which they can query, analyze, or ask questions based on the PDF content.

The tool offers a convenient way to semantically search PDF documents based on user queries and returns relevant matches. The plugin extracts relevant information from the PDF document by processing it and matching the queries with the processed information, all with the aim of returning the most appropriate matches.

To use Chatwithpdf, users need to add it as an unverified plugin in the "Plugin Store" of the ChatGPT UI. There is no need for installation as it is a web-based tool that is readily available for use.

The tool does not intentionally store any data permanently, and all PDFs are embedded and immediately wiped. Embeddings are stored with ChromaDB on the same deployment server and wiped with each new deployment.

The key features of Chatwithpdf include the ability to process and semantically search PDF documents, extract relevant information from the document based on user queries, and load and process PDF documents from a temporary URL.

The tool is useful for users who need to quickly extract relevant information from PDF documents and seek a tool that offers a seamless experience.


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May 4, 2024
Looks like a GPT wrapper product. Hoping its actually purpose-specific, as ChatGPT does the same. Multimodal and agentic features would be great to have.

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Pros and Cons


Semantic PDF search
Works with temporary URLs
Web-based, no installation
Data immediately wiped
Extracts relevant info
Works as ChatGPT plugin
Embeds in ChatGPT UI
Wiped after each deployment
Handles user queries
Processes PDF documents
Delivers suitable matches
Secured data privacy
Zero permanent data storage
Easy-to-use interface
Streamlines document analysis
Effective query match
Speeds up information extraction
Convenient for PDF loads
Fetches from PDF files


Requires temporary PDF URL
Primarily relies on ChatGPT
Must be added as 'unverified' plugin
Limited to PDF documents
No data permanency
Potential privacy concern with temporary embeddings
Needs frequent data wiping
Limited search - only semantic
Dependent on ChromaDB
No offline mode


What is ChatWithPDF?
How is ChatWithPDF installed?
Where do users need to add ChatWithPDF for it to function?
How does ChatWithPDF process PDF documents?
Is the data from the PDFs stored permanently on ChatWithPDF?
How does the semantic search feature of ChatWithPDF work?
What information does ChatWithPDF extract from the PDFs?
In what format does ChatWithPDF return the query matches?
What makes ChatWithPDF a convenient tool?
How do I use ChatWithPDF to analyze a PDF document?
How do I load a PDF onto ChatWithPDF?
Can ChatWithPDF locate specific sections in a document?
What types of questions can I ask about a PDF with ChatWithPDF?
Where are the PDF file's embeddings stored?
What happens to the data in the PDF after a new deployment?
Can you explain the load and process function of ChatWithPDF?
Why is there no need for installation for ChatWithPDF?
What is the purpose of the Plugin Store in the ChatGPT UI with regards to ChatWithPDF?
How does ChatWithPDF handle privacy and data storage?
Can ChatWithPDF be used to get main points or summaries from PDF documents?

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