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Ask in plain English and unlock hidden insights from your data.
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Deepsheet is an AI-driven tool designed to derive insights from various datasets. With an interface that enables users to ask questions in plain English, it simplifies data analysis, making it accessible even to those without background in data science or coding.

Deepsheet works by permitting users to upload datasets in different formats including CSV, XLSX, TSV and JSON. Users can also experiment with a sample dataset provided by the tool.

The tool proves to be a robust system for analyzing data, allowing users to send messages or commands to it, and then it responds with results or a Python code for more advanced users.

Built by Dylan, deepsheet provides a conveniently interactive and user-friendly platform to explore, interact with and interpret data, providing rich insights without requiring sophisticated coding skills.

Notwithstanding its simplicity, it is a potent tool for uncovering hidden patterns and insights in the data. With Deepsheet, potential for data exploration and analysis is maximized, empowering users to make data-driven decisions with ease.


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Pros and Cons


Plain English queries
Multiple dataset formats support
Chat interface
Analyzes various data scales
Compatible with REPL
Python coding within tool
Provides readable results
Non-technical user friendly
Sample dataset provided
Data insights extraction
Web-based tool
User experience oriented
Returns Python code
Interactive data exploration
Promotes data-driven decisions
Unveils hidden data patterns
Dataset upload feature
Made with Python
Queries as messages
Accessible data science tool
Dylan Castillo's creation


Limited to four file formats
Web-based only
No API available
No native mobile application
Limited programming language compatibility
Only supports text queries
No user-customizable visuals
Doesn't support direct database connectivity
No real-time data analysis
No collaboration features


What is Deepsheet?
What types of data formats does Deepsheet support?
How does Deepsheet interact with data?
What is the kind of insights Deepsheet provides?
How does Deepsheet make non-technical users understand complex data?
What language is Deepsheet built with?
Who is the creator of Deepsheet?
What is the function of REPL in Deepsheet?
Can I run Python scripts in Deepsheet?
Is there a sample dataset available in Deepsheet?
Who designed the logo of Deepsheet?
Is Deepsheet a web-based tool?
How does Deepsheet simplify the process of data analysis?
Can I upload my own datasets to Deepsheet?
How does Deepsheet handle different data formats?
Can Deepsheet analyze large-scale, complex data?
How does Deepsheet ensure user-friendly experience?
Is Deepsheet suitable for users without a background in data science or coding?
Does Deepsheet provide Python code for advanced users?
How does Deepsheet help in making data-driven decisions?
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