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Chat with your documents using AI assistant.
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ChattyDocs is an AI-based tool designed to interact with documents, PDFs, and other files, aiding in data management via a conversational approach. It enables users to access information across various platforms, including desktop, mobile, and Telegram.

ChattyDocs allows for flexible data input with options to import files directly from your device or use website links as a data source. The data upload manager facilitates single or bulk uploads, with the ability to add or remove documents at any stage.

To aid in data management, a built-in system tracks the data each file consumes from your subscription quota. For the AI chat function, users can set chat models, control the size of input and output, and moderate the AI's creativity and responsiveness.

The tool enables users to simulate a chosen personality for their AI, which can be guided by system prompts on behavioral patterns. ChattyDocs offers a sharing feature, allowing users to create public datasets accessible via a link.

When querying data, responses include relevant sources, including document name, page number, or website link. Users can conduct multi-session chats, maintain the chat context, and export Q&A sessions.

The tool provides a functionality of persisting your chat sessions, allowing users to pick up where they left off, while also overlooking separate sessions from various chat sources.

This AI assistant amalgamates the user's query, the context, and the information from the dataset to provide comprehensive data interaction.


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Pros and Cons


Chat with documents
Data management features
Create public datasets
Telegram bot creation
GraphQL API integration
Desktop and mobile support
Track data usage
Control chat models
Flexible data input
Bulk upload capability
Datasets sharing
References for responses
Multi-session chats
Chat context maintenance
Persisting chat sessions
Q&A export feature
Usage across sources
Datasets usage tracking
Background data indexing
Dataset customization options
Compatibility with Telegram
Data extracted from websites
Dataset deletion flexibility
Upload from device
Multi-platform availability
Document-specific responses
Background file processing
Automated website data extraction
Data input from website links
Queries linked with sources
Session preview across platforms
Control context and history sizes
Dataset property control
Built-in data upload manager
Chat session pick up
Manage data subscription quota
Preserve chat context
Document organized data retrieval
Manage multiple chat sources


Limited to textual data
Only supports Telegram bot
Requires manual dataset creation
Limited customization options
No real-time document editing
Potential information overload
Consumes subscription quota
Limited input-output control
Download dependent on original link
Limited session persistence


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