Document Q&A 14 Dec 2022
Customizable search engine with integrated features.

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Mendable is an AI-powered search engine developed by SideGuide that is designed to help developers answer their questions automatically. It is easily deployable with just one line of code and is backed by Y Combinator.

Mendable provides customized answers based on a user’s documentation, and it continuously improves over time by aggregating feedback. It offers integrations with Discord, Slack, Github, and more, with the ability to add a chat-powered search bar anywhere in a user’s documentation or website.

Additionally, Mendable provides reporting insights to help identify blockers and improve the developer experience. It is currently available for free with open source projects and offers a free trial for non-open source projects.

It does not currently look at any of a user’s repository’s code, but this may be added in the future with users having the option to opt out of sharing their data.

Mendable is currently closed source, but is considering moving towards an open-source model.

Mendable was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Customizable search engine
Easily deployable
Continuous improvement
Feedback aggregation
Integrates with Discord, Slack, Github
Provides reporting insights
Free for open source projects
Free trial available
User data privacy
Considering open-source model
Chat-powered search bar
Answers based on user's documentation
Backed by Y Combinator
Syncs with your documentation
Provides customized answers
Blockers identification


Currently closed source
Doesn't analyze repository's code
Unclear pricing model
Not 100% accurate
Unestablished open-source strategy


What is Mendable?
How does Mendable help developers with their questions?
What platforms does Mendable integrate with?
What insights does Mendable provide to developers?
Is Mendable free to use for open source projects?
How can Mendable be deployed onto a website?
Does Mendable look at any user's repository code?
Is it possible to opt out of sharing data with Mendable?
Is Mendable an open source tool?
Is Mendable powered by AI?
How does Mendable's chat-powered search bar work?
How does Mendable continuously improve over time?
What are the options for non-open source projects with Mendable?
Is there a free trial offer for Mendable?
How does Mendable provide customized answers?
How does Mendable handle Community and Admin feedback?
What does Mendable mean by 'Chat powered search'?
Does Mendable have plans to change to an open-source model?
Who is the developer of Mendable?
How can I get insights from the chats on Mendable?

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