Document Q&A 2024-02-21
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Adobe AI Assistant is a generative AI-powered conversational engine deeply integrated into Adobe Reader and Acrobat workflows. Introduced in a beta version, the AI Assistant is built on the technology of Acrobat Liquid Mode, providing the foundation for understanding PDF structure and enhancing the quality of its outputs.

The AI not only generates summaries from lengthier documents, but also answers queries, formats information for sharing in various formats such as emails, reports, and presentations.

Additional features of the AI Assistant include offering intuitive conversational interfaces, generating quick understandings of contents inside long documents, creating intelligent citations, facilitating easy navigation, and outputting formatted text for different purposes.

This tool respects user data security and doesn't store or utilise information without consent. It works with different document formats, not just PDFs.

Adobe AI Assistant intends to transform and improve the way users interact with digital document experiences, while ensuring proper data security and governance protocols are in place.


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Adobe AI Assistant was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 21st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Deep integration with Adobe
Generates document summaries
Answers queries
Formats data for sharing
Intuitive conversational interfaces
Quick contents interpretation
Intelligent citation creation
Facilitates navigation
High respect for data security
Diverse document formats support
Generates formatted text
Proprietary PDF understanding technology
Data security protocols compliance
Recommendations based on PDF’s content
Easy-to-read content overviews
Clickable links for navigation
User data isn't stored
Enhances Adobe Reader, Acrobat workflows
Can handle long documents
Integrated with Acrobat Liquid Mode
Available on subscription post-beta
Offers new plan for access
Will work across multiple documents
Offers intelligent creation
Enterprise-grade security


Still in beta version
Requires add-on subscription
Primarily integrated with Adobe
Limited language support
Aimed at Adobe workflows
No offline capabilities
Requires Acrobat/Reader
Limited compatibility with non-Adobe applications


What is Adobe AI Assistant?
What does Adobe AI Assistant do with PDFs?
How does Adobe AI Assistant understand the structure of PDF documents?
Can Adobe AI Assistant work with documents other than PDFs?
How does Adobe AI Assistant generate summaries from lengthier documents?
Which formats does Adobe AI Assistant support for information sharing?
What are the unique features of Adobe AI Assistant?
What aspects of data security does the Adobe AI Assistant focus on?
Does Adobe AI Assistant store or use my information without my consent?
How does Adobe AI Assistant facilitate easy navigation within documents?
What is Acrobat Liquid Mode and how does it connect to Adobe AI Assistant?
What does Adobe AI Assistant mean by 'generating quick understandings of contents'?
How does Adobe AI Assistant create intelligent citations?
In what ways can the Adobe AI Assistant improve my interaction with digital documents?
Does Adobe AI Assistant support intuitive conversational interfaces?
Can I use the Adobe AI Assistant to format text for different purposes?
What does 'enhancing the quality of outputs' mean when referring to Adobe AI Assistant?
What is meant by 'Adobe's AI Ethics processes'?
How does Adobe AI Assistant respect my data security?
How can Adobe AI Assistant transform the way we interact with digital documents?

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