Document Q&A 19 Jun 2023
ChatPDF extension
Extract & communicate with docs in various formats.

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ChatPDF is a web application that utilizes powerful AI to enable users to chat with and extract information from various types of documents, including PDF, TXT, CSV, MD, DOCX, PPT, EXCEL, JPG, JPEG, PNG, JSON, and web pages.

The tool is designed to provide a chat-like experience and can be used to communicate with documentation in different formats. It offers several features such as chatting with documents, web pages, Twitter, Slack, Github, Reddit, and Discord.ChatPDF utilizes Azure OpenAI Service to create embedding vectors from documents and retrieve the most relevant document to answer user questions.

It employs AI models like text-embedding-ada-002, GPT-3, and ChatGPT to extract matching answers for user queries. The tool also supports knowledge base management, including knowledge base indexing, sandboxing, data extraction, and document summarization.The application uses an instruction-based model (similar to text-davinci-003) and chat-based deployment (text-embedding-ada-002, GPT-3, and gpt-35-turbo AI models) for Q&A and chat experiences.

It integrates with users' own online knowledge bases, allowing them to chat with and extract information from PDFs, TXT, JPEG, JPG, and PNG files within their knowledge base.For privacy practices, ChatPDF collects personally identifiable information, authentication information, and website cookies.

Users can reference the developer's privacy policy for more detailed information on data collection and usage.

ChatPDF extension was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple document formats
Chat-like interaction with documents
Integrated with web platforms
Supports knowledge base management
Indexing and sandboxing feature
Data extraction capability
Can summarize documents
Instruction-based and chat-based model
Integration with online knowledge bases
Supports retrieval of relevant document
Supports various image formats
Developer's privacy policy available
Chrome tool extension
Chat with WebPage/Twitter/Slack/Github/Reddit/Discord
Applicable to personal knowledge base
Embedding vectors creation
Extract matching answers functionality
Language: English
Web application
Size: 1.61MiB
Updated: July 18, 2023


Collects personal data
Limited to Chrome
No multilingual support
No offline functionality
Limited file type interaction
No open source code
Not verified by Google
Lacks comprehensive user reviews
Dependent on the availability of user's knowledge base


What is ChatPDF?
How does ChatPDF extract information from documents?
Which AI models does ChatPDF use for extracting information?
What types of documents can ChatPDF work with?
What are the key features of ChatPDF?
Can ChatPDF be used to chat with web pages and social media platforms?
What is the 'chat-based deployment' in ChatPDF?
How does instruction-based model work in ChatPDF?
Can I integrate my online knowledge base with ChatPDF?
What kind of information does ChatPDF collect from users?
How does ChatPDF use Azure OpenAI Service?
What is the role of knowledge base in ChatPDF?
How does ChatPDF manage a knowledge base?
Can I use ChatPDF for document summarization?
How does sandboxing work in ChatPDF?
How does data extraction work in ChatPDF?
How secure is the data I provide to ChatPDF?
Which languages does ChatPDF support?
What is the size of the ChatPDF extension?
How is the Q&A experience in ChatPDF?

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