Document Q&A 29 Mar 2023
Three Sigma
Quickly search and answer questions in documents.

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Three Sigma is an AI research tool that uses advanced search algorithms to locate the information you need quickly and easily. It is designed to help you enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and innovate in new ways by leveraging OpenAI's algorithms.

With Three Sigma, you can cut the time spent reading documents by 90%, making it an ideal assistant to answer any question in your documents. One of the key features of Three Sigma is its ability to trace the exact origin of your answers.

Every time you ask a question, the tool shows you how it arrived at the answer. This feature helps to eliminate the black boxes often associated with AI tools.

Three Sigma also offers a free Solo Mode that allows you to start a thread and ask questions without referencing any document. Additionally, the tool is continually refining its algorithms by parsing millions of pages, making it an industry-leading algorithm for locating information.

Lastly, Three Sigma's upcoming upgrade with GPT-4 will enable the AI to understand the images in your documents, opening up entirely new use cases. While the tool is marketed towards research and AI developers, anyone looking for a quick and efficient way to analyze large amounts of data can benefit from using Three Sigma.

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Pros and Cons


Advanced search algorithms
Enhances productivity
Improves efficiency
Traces origin of answers
Free Solo Mode
No document reference needed
Refines algorithms continuously
Reading time reduced by 90%
Upcoming GPT-4 upgrade
Can understand document images
Suitable for large data
Not restricted to developers
Ideal assistant for Q&A


No offline mode
No document security details
Limited to English language
Lacks voice recognition
No mobile app version
Available upgrades not defined
Limited user interface customization
No multiple user support
Potential missing visual data interpretation


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What will the upcoming GPT-4 update change in Three Sigma?
Can I use Three Sigma if I'm not a research or AI developer?
How does Three Sigma help cut the time spent reading documents?
Does Three Sigma have an API?
How efficient is Three Sigma in dealing with large amounts of data?
Can Three Sigma understand images in my documents and how?
Is Three Sigma able to answer any question in my documents?
How can I register for a free trial of Three Sigma?
Are there any reviews or testimonials about Three Sigma?
Does Three Sigma offer a paid plan or it's free?
Can I use Three Sigma without referencing any document?
How does Three Sigma improve my productivity and efficiency?
How can I contact the Three Sigma team?
Will Three Sigma be able to reference tables and charts in the future?

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