Document Q&A 05 May 2023
Chatbot for employee support with knowledge base.

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Smitty is an AI-powered knowledge base platform that acts as an employee with unparalleled knowledge and efficiency. It is a document-driven support tool that streamlines processes and saves time by providing fast and agile responses to any situation.

It has an integrated knowledge base system that allows users to upload their documents and get answers quickly, without requiring any coding or technical expertise.

Smitty's AI wizard is specifically tailored to each business using context from their unique operations to provide the most accurate and effective answers possible.

Moreover, its AI-powered knowledge base provides users with access to a wealth of information at their fingertips, allowing for quick and efficient responses to any situation.

Smitty's AI wizard continuously learns and improves with each interaction, gaining more knowledge and insight and providing even more accurate and efficient responses over time.One of the unique features of Smitty is its ability to provide complete control over the data and knowledge stored in the knowledge base.

This means that users can customize the information available to their chatbot, ensuring that it is tailored specifically to their business's unique requirements.

Smitty's solution is designed to save time and money by eliminating the need for traditional chatbot programming.Overall, Smitty is a robust AI tool that can revolutionize businesses by streamlining their operations, saving time and money, and helping them stay ahead of the competition.

It is accessible to all and does not require any technical expertise, making it a useful tool for any business looking to enhance its customer support capabilities and maximize its efficiency.

Smitty was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 1st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Document-driven support
Fast and agile responses
No coding or technical expertise required
Customizable knowledge base
Eliminates traditional chatbot programming
Integrated knowledge base system
Can upload documents
Streamlines operations
Saves time and money
Maintains competitive edge
Accessible to all users
Offers complete control over data
Enhances customer support capabilities
Maximizes efficiency
Chat GPT connection


No API mentioned
No integration with existing systems
No multi-language support
Potential privacy issues
Lack of customization features
No offline functionality
Limited user controls
Unclear pricing
No specific industry specialization
No mobile app mentioned


What is Smitty's AI wizard?
How does Smitty streamline processes for businesses?
What type of documents can be uploaded onto Smitty?
What technical expertise is required to use Smitty?
How is Smitty's AI wizard tailored to my business?
Does Smitty's AI wizard learn and improve over time?
What control do I have over the data and knowledge stored in the Smitty's knowledge base?
How does Smitty save time and money in comparison to traditional chatbot programming?
Can Smitty be used in any business or does it have industry-specific functionalities?
What does it mean when you say Smitty acts as an employee?
How do I upload documents on Smitty?
Can I customize the information available to the Smitty chatbot?
How does Smitty keep my data secure?
What efficiency improvements can I expect when using Smitty?
Can I use Smitty without any prior coding knowledge?
How accurate are Smitty's responses?
How quickly does Smitty respond to queries?
How does Smitty's AI wizard use context from my business operations to provide answers?
Does Smitty share my data or knowledge base with others?
How does Smitty keep up with industry trends and technology advancements?

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