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Create chatbots easily without coding.
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Whismer is a no-code AI chatbot building tool that allows users to easily create custom chatbots based on their own data. It enables users to train chatbots called ChatGPT by uploading multiple file formats such as PDF, DOC, CSV, and TXT, as well as adding web links and writing notes.

By customizing resources, Whismer helps the AI system better adapt to specific fields or tasks, thereby improving its accuracy and efficiency. The AI proactively learns from the user's resources and solves various problems.

Whismer also allows users to create a professional AI knowledge base by uploading resources, which the AI system can learn from and help users to find answers to any questions they may have.

Users can easily share their customized AI with others with just one click and make it accessible to more people.Whismer is a SaaS AI tool that allows users to create a work AI for their team, a customer service AI for their clients, a learning AI for their students, or a knowledge sharing AI for friends.

With Whismer, users can quickly and easily build a customized AI chatbot that suits their needs and unlock a whole new world of information sharing, saving time and resources in the process.


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Pros and Cons


Customizable chatbot resources
Supports multiple file formats
Allows web link addition
Note writing feature
Adapts to specific tasks
Proactively learns from resources
No-code tool
Solves diverse problems
Unlocks information sharing world
Time and resource saving
Accessible to multiple users
Allows data training for ChatGPT


Limited file format support
No live testing feature
Possible privacy concerns
No multilingual support
Cannot export chatbot
Customization requires manual input
Limited integration options
No real-time corrections
No pre-built templates
Limited user education resources


What is Whismer?
What is no-code AI chatbot building?
How can I customize chatbots on Whismer?
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What file formats does Whismer support for uploading?
Can I add web links and write notes for my Whismer AI chatbot?
How does Whismer train the AI system?
What is ChatGPT in Whismer?
How can Whismer improve the accuracy and efficiency of AI?
Can I create an AI knowledge base in Whismer?
How does Whismer AI find answers to my questions?
Can I share my customized AI in Whismer?
What kind of AIs can I create with Whismer?
Can Whismer be used for creating a customer service AI?
Who can access my shared AI in Whismer?
What is the Whismer's SaaS AI tool?
How can Whismer help me save time and resources?
Can the AI in Whismer adapt to specific fields or tasks?
How does Whismer allow a more professional AI?
What is the future of information sharing with Whismer?

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