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Document reading made easy
Generated by ChatGPT provides a unique AI-powered document reading solution, designed to simplify the process of consuming dense text-based information, be it a long case study, research, or academic paper.

The platform allows users to upload a document enabling an interactive engagement with the content. The AI-driven feature set includes the ability to ask questions about the document, receiving specific responses and detailed explanations as needed.

Users can request summaries of any part of the document, making it easier to digest large bodies of text. The platform is also capable of handling very large documents, up to those consisting of hundreds of pages.

The 'Quick, Unlimited Chats' feature promises fast AI responses to the user queries. Furthermore, the Inline Notes option assists users in taking notes as they proceed through the document.

As an additional level of convenience, supports the conversion of scanned/image documents into a usable text format. On the security front, all documents uploaded to the platform are fully encrypted, ensuring user's privacy.


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Pros and Cons


Interactive document engagement
Document query system
Provides detailed explanations
Summarizes any document part
Handles large documents
Quick, unlimited chats
Inline note-taking
Converts scanned/image documents
Full document encryption
Privacy ensured
Supports 300 page PDFs
Save notes and images
Document-to-text conversion
Fast responses


No mobile app
Limited to text documents
No multi-language support
No offline usage
No voice command feature
Limited document type compatibility
No collaborative features
No batch document processing
No advanced analytical tools
Limited to 300 pages


What is
How does simplify reading dense text documents?
What kinds of documents can I upload on
How does the question answering system work on
Can provide summaries of a document?
What is the maximum size of a document that can handle?
What is the 'Quick, Unlimited Chats' feature of
How does the 'Inline Notes' feature assist me on
Can convert scanned or image documents into text format?
How secure is the data that I upload on
What is the 'Document Q&A' feature of
How does assist in information processing and data conversion?
Can I use as a research tool?
Can I use for academic purposes?
What part does AI play in
Is there any limit to the number of questions I can ask about a document?
How does the 'Chat-Style Interaction' on work?
Can I take notes directly on the document using
How does handle user privacy?
Does support text formatting conversion?

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