Document Q&A 11 Mar 2023
Simplified PDF retrieval through questioning.

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Intellecs.AI is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of retrieving information from PDF documents. The tool allows users to upload any PDF document and then utilizes its advanced search capabilities to help retrieve relevant information within seconds.

Intellecs.AI supports both text-based and scanned PDFs, making it easy to access information regardless of the document's origin or format. The tool also offers an AI-driven questioning feature that enables users to ask questions and retrieve accurate answers from PDF documents effortlessly.

This feature saves time and effort that would otherwise be spent scrolling through lengthy documents.Intellecs.AI offers two pricing plans, including a free plan and a premium plan with unlimited text and scanned PDFs.

The free plan supports up to five text PDFs and three scanned PDFs, with a monthly limit of 50 questions for text PDFs and 30 for scanned PDFs. In contrast, the premium plan allows users to upload an unlimited number of text and scanned PDFs, with a monthly limit of 500 questions for text PDFs and 300 for scanned PDFs.

Premium plan users also receive priority support and early access to new features.Intellecs.AI has been trusted by top students from the nation's best universities, including DLSU, UP, and ADMU.

The intuitive tool eliminates the frustration of lost data and time-consuming searches and helps users effortlessly grasp the essence of any document.

Intellecs was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports text-based PDFs
Supports scanned PDFs
Advanced search capabilities
Premium plan unlimited text PDFs
Premium plan unlimited scanned PDFs
Premium plan priority support
Premium plan early feature access
Student-friendly pricing model
Accurate information retrieval
Quick data retrieval
Seamless questioning experience
Plan options available
Efficient data sourcing
Cutting-edge tools accessibility
Productivity enhancing
Intuitive tool design
PDF origin independence
Saves user's time
Effortless document grasp
Trusted by top students
Eliminates data loss frustration
Streamlines study workflow
Supports any PDF upload


Limited free plan
Charges for additional questions
Only supports PDF files
Page limit for PDFs
No refunds
No automatic subscription cancellation
Limited search capabilities


What is Intellecs.AI?
How does Intellecs.AI simplify PDF retrieval?
Does Intellecs.AI support scanned PDFs?
What is the AI-driven questioning feature of Intellecs.AI?
Can you tell me about the pricing plans of Intellecs.AI?
Are there any restrictions on the number of PDFs I can upload on the free plan of Intellecs.AI?
How many questions can I ask in a month on the free plan of Intellecs.AI?
What extra benefits do I get with the premium plan of Intellecs.AI?
How does Intellecs.AI help improve my productivity?
Which universities have top students using Intellecs.AI?
Can I access Intellecs.AI without enabling Javascript?
What is the maximum page limit for PDFs in the premium plan?
Does the premium plan of Intellecs.AI offer priority support?
Will I get early access to new features if I subscribe to the premium plan of Intellecs.AI?
How can I upgrade to the premium plan of Intellecs.AI?
What methods of payment does Intellecs.AI accept?
Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the premium plan of Intellecs.AI?
What happens to my premium subscription at Intellecs.AI after 30 days?
Can I cancel my subscription at Intellecs.AI anytime?
What types of files other than PDFs are Intellecs.AI planning to support in the future?

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