Document Q&A 28 Jun 2023
Revolutionary document collaboration solution.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that aims to revolutionize document interaction by bringing them to life. With the ability to talk, understand, and collaborate with any kind of document, offers features such as searching for information, asking questions, and getting summaries.

Users can quickly upload various file extensions including PDF, DOCX, TXT, JAVA, Python, and C files for communication.One of the key features of is its use of AI to provide instant responses, enabling users to ask questions, gather data, and summarize materials.

Additionally, the tool is planning to introduce a visual feature that allows users to visualize documents side by side for verification purposes. It also offers organized file management, allowing users to organize their documents according to their preference.Delivering trusted services, has garnered positive reviews from millions of users worldwide.

Users have reported that the tool has saved them countless hours, improved decision-making processes, and made document review and information retrieval streamlined and efficient.

Researchers have found it particularly helpful when dealing with large volumes of complex documents, making information retrieval easy and fast. Industries that rely on data analysis have benefitted from's ability to interact directly with reports, saving time on manual data analysis and cross-referencing.Overall, is a valuable AI tool that enhances document interaction, accessibility, and organization, offering benefits for professionals across various industries.

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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple file extensions
Offers instant responses
Intended visual verification feature
Organized file management system
Offers document summaries
Assists in data analysis
Quick upload of files
Interactive document feature
Information retrieval feature
Efficient decision-making utility
No daily questions limit
No size limit for docs
Intelligent cross-referencing feature


50MB size limit Basic plan
Daily upload/questions limit Basic plan
No daily limit only Pro plan
Additional extensions not available
File organization feature future
Document visualization feature future
Limited file types supported
Requires JavaScript
Expensive basic plan
Limited messages Basic plan


What is
How does use AI to help with document interaction?
What file formats does support?
How does streamline document review and information retrieval?
What industries benefit most from using
How does the instant responses feature work in
Can I organize my documents in
What is the visual feature that planning to introduce?
How has been reviewed by its users?
How does make data analysis more efficient?
Is suitable for academic research?
How can help me interact with my reports and documentation?
What improvements can I expect in my decision-making process with
Is there a free trial for
How much does cost per month?
What additional benefits does the Pro plan of offer?
Can I chat with a document in without adding my credit card information?
What is the maximum file size I can upload on in Pro plan?
How can help me search for information in a document?
Are there any limits on daily uploads or questions in's Pro plan?

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