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Brandblast: Streamline Your Social Media with Smart, Automated Content Creation
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Brandblast is an AI-powered platform that automates social media content creation and posting primarily for small businesses. Users provide their website URL, and the platforms AI studies the brand to generate fitting content.

Users can connect their social media accounts for Brandblast to automatically execute the posting process. The platform offers features like AI-Powered content creation which generates customized posts on specific topics, and scheduling capabilities for content campaigns.

Users can also connect their social media accounts to automatically post AI-generated content. Other features include brand context for customization, an in-app editor for media transformation, and white label options for reselling.

Media can be directly uploaded from users or sourced from Unsplash. The tool integrates with various platforms and tools to enhance users workflow. These features combine to save time, money, and provide an effective and efficient way to enhance the user's social media presence.


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Brandblast was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 23rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates social media posting
Customized content generation
Content scheduling capabilities
Brand analysis feature
Auto posting of content
In-app media editor
White label options
Sources media from Unsplash
Multiple platform integrations
Campaign creation tools
Brand context for customization
Efficient time and money saver
Creates 150 posts in 5 minutes
Supports major social media platforms
Transforms visuals with in-app editor
Integrates with major e-commerce platforms
Offers different pricing plans
White label features for reselling
Automatic photo analysis for posts
Multilingual content creation
Easy integration with CRM
Regular updates and bug fixes
Personalized and relevant content generation


Lacks multilingual support
Limited customization options
Inaccurate brand studying
Limited social media integration
Unsuitable for large businesses
Charges for scheduling capabilities
Doesn't support all platforms
Dependent on website URL
Limited media sources


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What is the White Label feature in Brandblast?
How can I integrate Brandblast with my workflow?
Can Brandblast generate posts on specific topics?
What does the Brand Context feature do in Brandblast?
What types of media can I use in Brandblast and where can it be sourced from?
How does the scheduling capabilities of Brandblast help in content campaigning?
Does Brandblast offer support for different languages?
How does Brandblast learn about my brand from the website URL?
How can I fine-tune the AI of Brandblast for brand info?
Can I add my own photos and products on Brandblast?
What integration options are available in Brandblast?
How often are updates provided for Brandblast?
Are there different packages or plans available in Brandblast?

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