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Social media content personalization and aggregation.
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Personamo is a tool that allows users to personalize their feeds by providing them with building blocks to control the algorithm, prediction, filtering, and ranking processes.

By using LEGO-like blocks, users can take full control of their feed algorithms, enabling them to prioritize the content they want to read while filtering out unwanted noise.

This tool aims to give users the ability to fine-tune the signal-to-noise ratio of their feeds, ensuring a more tailored and relevant content experience.Additionally, Personamo offers the functionality to aggregate content from various sources such as news sites, blogs, and subreddits.

This allows users to consume and organize their information in one centralized location, eliminating the need to navigate different apps or websites.One notable feature of Personamo is the ability to create customized feeds for different personas.

This ensures that users receive recommendations that are highly relevant to specific personas without any interference or mixing of content between feeds.

With this feature, users can avoid irrelevant information and focus on content that aligns with their interests and goals.In summary, Personamo provides users with the tools to control and personalize their feeds, enabling them to prioritize content, filter out noise, and receive tailored recommendations based on their distinct personas.


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Personamo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 1st 2023.
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