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FastCut is an intelligent video editing tool designed to create engaging and noticeable video content, suitable for social media platforms like Reels, TikTok, LinkedIn and others.

This software accelerates video creation with one-click editing styles and automated features. These features cover a range of content creation needs, with automatic captions available in more than 40 languages, including Hinglish.

Other inventive features include pre-built trendy templates with popular caption styles, intelligent keyword highlighting for emphasizing key points, and automatic addition of relevant emojis for enhancing viewer retention.

User-friendly and efficient, FastCut caters to content creators of all levels, from individuals and beginners to agencies, with its convenient, varied plans.

The service also ensures quality by eliminating watermarks from its videos. Additionally, it provides priority support for premium subscribers. This tool has a user feedback channel and a Discord community for users to discuss ideas, suggestions, and issues.

Lastly, FastCut is co-founded by Harsh Todi and Nikhil Sheoran, a team contributed by BITSians.


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Apr 25, 2024
Nikhil here, founder of this tool. We've updated FastCut a lot since this was published and now you can also add auto b-rolls and sound effects to your videos using FastCut. Additionally, you don't need to subscribe to a plan before exporting. You can export a video for $3 as a one-time purchase. 😊
Mar 3, 2024
Super UX, Amazing product. All the video editors should try it out
Mar 2, 2024
It is such an amazing tool. It helps me edit my video very quickly. Worth it!!

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FastCut was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 1st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


One-click editing styles
Automated video creation
Supports 40+ languages
Automatic Hinglish captions
Pre-built trendy templates
Intelligent keyword highlighting
Automatic emoji addition
Varied subscription plans
Eliminates watermarks
Priority support for premiums
User feedback channel
Active Discord community
Created by experienced co-founders
Social media focused tool
Accommodates all creator levels
Supports Reels, TikTok, LinkedIn
Video optimization for attention
Max video length 90 sec
Upload size upto 300MB


Limited to social media content
No offline editing capabilities
Limited video upload size
Short max video length
Priority support only for premium
No manual captioning option
Varied plans may cause confusion
No free version after trial
No collaborative editing feature
Lacks complex editing tools


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What are the different plans offered by FastCut?
Does FastCut eliminate all watermarks from its videos?
What are the benefits for FastCut premium subscribers?
Who are the co-founders of FastCut?
What types of users is FastCut designed to serve?
What is the user feedback channel for FastCut?
Is there a Discord community for FastCut users?
What type of support does FastCut provide to users?
What are the features to enhance viewer retention in FastCut?
What kind of video content can I create with FastCut?
Does FastCut have pre-built templates?
Does FastCut offer any special features for reels and TikTok videos?
What is Hinglish and does FastCut support it?
Is there a trial version or free version of FastCut available?

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