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Creative guide for crafting viral social media videos.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to make some viral videos?
Sample prompts:
Create a video concept for 'sustainable living'.
Suggest edits for a fashion video.
What music fits a travel video?
Describe a compelling CTA for a tech product.
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Viral Visionary is a GPT that provides creative counsel in the specialized area of creating viral social media videos. This AI-powered tool is designed to assist creators, marketers and social media enthusiasts to ideate, develop and fine-tune their video concepts for the purpose of maximizing their reach and influence on social media.

Viral Visionary provides a broad spectrum of recommendations ranging from video concepts, suitable music themes to editing suggestions for various types of videos.

A specific use case of Viral Visionary is that it can help create a video centered around 'sustainable living', assisting in generating a compelling narrative to engage viewers better.

Similarly, if a user has a fashion video that they feel could benefit from expert advice, Viral Visionary can suggest edits to enhance its appeal. Music plays a key role in setting the tone of a video, and the right music for a travel video could be suggested by Viral Visionary to make the video more captivating.

Furthermore, Viral Visionary could guide users in creating compelling CTAs (Call To Action) for various products, especially tech-related ones. Crafted in an engaging manner, these CTAs can significantly improve viewer interaction and click-through rates.

By delivering timely and constructive insights, Viral Visionary aims to assist in increasing the viral potential of any video. This tool could benefit individuals and companies who create and share videos regularly on social media platforms and are looking to maximize the reach and engagement of their creations.While it needs a ChatGPT Plus subscription to function effectively, the Viral Visionary GPT offers a fresh, AI-guided avenue for achieving viral social media video content.


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