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Personalized video ads with user content platform.
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hypergro is an AI-powered tool that enables brands to leverage user-generated content (UGC) through personalized video ads for efficient customer acquisition.

The platform combines AI technology with the creativity of content creators to deliver a unique brand voice that stands out from the competition. With hypergro, brands have control over the video creation process through a dynamic dashboard.

They can easily navigate, manage, and organize creator content, preview and review it, and maintain full control over the visual narrative. The tool also ensures that all influencer posts align perfectly with the brand's identity through seamless collaboration with the brand's team.Real-time campaign tracking allows brands to make data-driven decisions.

The platform provides insights into campaign performance, enabling brands to identify what works and what doesn't, and make necessary changes on the go.

hypergro emphasizes being responsive, flexible, and smart in achieving measurable results.The videos created with hypergro are designed for high-performance and tailored to the brand's voice and global trends.

They aim to engage the target audience effectively and stand out visually.Additionally, hypergro assists content creators in monetizing their creations by offering knowledge, strategies, and tools to turn their passion into a thriving business venture.The tool is known for its authentic influencer marketing that actually works, whether for product launches, creating genuine content, or capitalizing on trends.

Brands can book a demo to experience its power firsthand. hypergro is developed by CREATORVERSE TECH PRIVATE LIMITED and is available on major app stores.


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Hypergro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized video ads
UGC utilization
Dynamic dashboard
Content previews
Collaboration with your team
Real-time campaign tracking
Data-driven decision making
Responsive and flexible
High-performance videos customization
Monetization support for creators
Authentic influencer marketing
Supports different app stores
Content organization tools
Assistance in trend capitalization
Brand identity alignment tools
Easy navigation
Visual appeal consideration
Ability to book a demo
Global trends consideration
Visual narrative maintenance
Mere content creation elevated
User-friendly interface


No explicit data privacy feature
Limited to major app stores
No automated video creation
No multi-user collaboration
No offline access
No API for integration
Brand alignment relies on humans


What is hypergro?
How does hypergro utilize AI?
Can I control the video creation process with hypergro?
Does hypergro let me preview and review content before it's released?
What elements does hypergro provide to ensure brand identity alignment?
How does hypergro capture real-time campaign tracking?
How does hypergro produce high-performance videos?
What does it mean when hypergro is tailored to my brand's voice?
How does hypergro assist content creators in monetizing their content?
What is the influencer marketing approach of hypergro?
Can I book a demo with hypergro?
Is hypergro available on app stores?
How does hypergro's Efficient Acquisition system work?
How does the dynamic dashboard of hypergro function?
How does the collaboration process between my team and hypergro work?
Can I make changes to my campaign on the fly using hypergro?
What types of strategies and tools does hypergro offer for content monetization?
Who typically uses hypergro for their brand promotion?
Does hypergro have a presence on any social media platforms?

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