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Create social media video clips.
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ClipBuddy is a generative AI video tool designed to convert long videos into short clips, specifically tailored for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts.

With ClipBuddy, users can easily repurpose their existing content to create engaging and attention-grabbing viral clips, without the need for tedious editing.

This AI-powered tool offers several features to enhance content creation. It automatically curates the most captivating moments from videos, ensuring that users always leave a lasting impression.

Additionally, ClipBuddy's AI identifies key moments and adds dynamic, viewer-catching captions to enhance engagement. The tool also auto-adjusts videos to the ideal 9:16 ratio, guaranteeing a perfect fit across all devices.

Seamless transitions between visuals and audio are curated by the AI, resulting in smooth and professional-looking content. While the tool currently supports auto-captioning, auto-emojis, and branding features are marked as "coming soon" in the description.

ClipBuddy's user-friendly interface requires minimal technical knowledge or editing experience, making it accessible to creators of all levels. The tool offers simple and usage-based pricing, allowing users to pay for what they need and cancel anytime.

Additionally, ClipBuddy provides email support and promises continuous improvements without the need for additional hardware requirements. It also emphasizes the protection of user content, ensuring that videos are not shared, sold, or distributed to any third parties.

ClipBuddy is developed in Denmark.


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Pros and Cons


Generates short social media clips
Auto-curates captivating video moments
Dynamic auto-captioning
Auto-adjusts to 9:16 ratio
Curates seamless audio-visual transitions
Upcoming auto-emojis feature
Upcoming branding feature
User-friendly interface
Minimal technical knowledge required
Simple, usage-based pricing
Pay for what you need
Provides email support
Continuous improvements promised
No additional hardware requirements
Prioritizes user content protection
Content not shared or sold
Supports TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts
Great for repurposing existing content
Supports multiple languages
Ideal for podcasts and interviews
Streamlines content creation process
Requires no editing experience
Utilizes advanced algorithms
Automatic video quality assurance
Built in Denmark


No real-time editing
No auto-emojis
No branding feature
Limited video aspect ratio
Doesn't support all languages
No inbuilt video player support
Lack of advanced editing options
Doesn't offer free trial
No value for 'coming soon' features
Not developed for professional editors


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