Marketing assets 09 Feb 2023
Marketing assistant for social media content creation.

Generated by ChatGPT

Optimo is an AI-powered marketing tool created by FATJOE. It is designed for smart marketers looking to save time and get instant results. With Optimo, users can automate marketing tasks such as Instagram captions, ads, social media copywriting, SEO, video, and email.

It has the ability to generate 3000 characters in a click, and is far quicker than humans. Over 2.5k people are using Optimo, with over 1 million tool generations to date.

It offers various categories of tools such as SEO, ads, copywriting, social media, email and video. Popular tools include Instagram captions, blog post titles, keyword clusters, blog post briefs, Facebook ads and Google ad headlines.

Users can also create an account, sign up for unlimited use and contact Optimo for more information.


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