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Assistant to create viral LinkedIn posts.
GPT welcome message: Ciao! Pronto a creare un post LinkedIn virale con un tocco empatico?
Sample prompts:
Come posso rendere il mio post più coinvolgente?
Suggerimenti per un post su una nuova tecnologia?
Come posso concludere il mio post per stimolare discussioni?
Idee per un post che rifletta la mia esperienza professionale?
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Virlink is a GPT developed by, designed to assist users in creating viral LinkedIn posts. This AI tool functions on the ChatGPT platform and necessitates the use of ChatGPT Plus.

Virlink is specifically programmed to assist in enhancing the empathic touch and engagement level of LinkedIn posts. Its usage could range from endeavors of increasing engagement level of a post, to seeking suggestions on writing about a new technology, from figuring out impactful conclusions that could stimulate discussions to brainstorming ideas that can aptly reflect a user's professional experience.

The GPT 'Virlink' utilizes prompt starters to guide the users for efficient usage. It can be considered a valuable tool for those looking to amplify their LinkedIn presence and increase engagement by creating posts that resonate with their networks, leveraging a blend of artificial intelligence and human input.

Virlink was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 30th 2023.
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