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Inpilot is an AI tool designed to assist users in streamlining their LinkedIn content creation and management. Available features include AI-assisted writing, AI-generated posts, schedule and posting calendars, and ideas management and generation.

Through its AI-assisted writing feature, inpilot uses a block-based text editor to aid faster content writing. Users may also create original content by making use of the AI-generated posts feature.

It offers an automatic scheduling calendar for posts, eliminating the need for manual copying, pasting, and posting of content. Furthermore, inpilot provides a unique platform for managing and generating content ideas; users can jot down and organize their thoughts, or the AI can generate ideas.

Inpilot was created to address the major challenges LinkedIn users face, such as mediocre content and the unavailability of an all-in-one tool for content creation and management.It also offers features that enhance user interactions on LinkedIn.

These include a gamification approach to encourage consistent posting, a detailed statistics page where users can monitor their LinkedIn growth, and it offers suggestions on improving their LinkedIn statistics.

Additionally, it includes a network feature to help users manage connections, followers, and interactions all in one place. Notably, inpilot aims to be an efficient and cost-effective AI co-pilot for LinkedIn users encouraging user engagement and productive networking.

Inpilot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 1st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Block-based text editor
Automatic scheduling calendar
Ideas management and generation
Gamification for consistent posting
Detailed statistics page
Suggestions for LinkedIn growth
Network feature for connections
Cost-effective solution
Custom weekly growth reports
Priority access to new features
Fast, secure, easy-to-use platform
Data privacy
All-in-one LinkedIn tool
Enhances user engagement
Unique content creation platform
Efficient networking tool
Saves time on content creation
Integrates with industry leaders
Automated posting schedule
Unlimited connections management
Notion-like writing experience
ROI calculation feature
Tracking personal brand growth


Limited to LinkedIn
No team license
Block-based editor limiting
Website speed concerns
Security of personal data
Under development features
Constant feature updates required
Limited 'standard' benefits
No multi-social media support
Pricing transparency lacking


What is Inpilot?
How does Inpilot's AI-assisted writing work?
What does the AI-generated posts feature do in Inpilot?
What advantage does the Inpilot scheduling calendar have?
What capabilities does Inpilot's idea management and generation feature offer?
What specific challenges of LinkedIn users does Inpilot address?
How does Inpilot enhance user interactions on LinkedIn?
What is the gamification approach that Inpilot uses and how does that encourage consistent posting on LinkedIn?
How can users monitor their growth on LinkedIn using Inpilot?
How does Inpilot's network feature help in managing connections, followers, and interactions?
Can Inpilot suggest ways to improve my LinkedIn statistics?
What makes Inpilot efficient and cost-effective?
How does Inpilot promote user engagement and productive networking on LinkedIn?
How does Inpilot help in professional networking?
What does Inpilot's detailed statistics page provide?
Does Inpilot manage content creation as well?
What is meant by Inpilot's 'block-based text editor'?
What is the significance of Inpilot's approach to user interactions on LinkedIn?
How does Inpilot help me manage my LinkedIn content?
What is the cost of using Inpilot and are there different packages available?

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