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CopyTruck is an AI-enabled tool designed to facilitate growth and content creation on LinkedIn. Its functionality leans towards organic growth, primarily through the creation of engaging posts and articles.

A prominent feature of CopyTruck is its LinkedIn Article Writer, which transforms descriptions into detailed article outlines. Alongside this, the LinkedIn Post Writer uses AI to craft compelling LinkedIn posts in a variety of styles.

These possibilities allow users to maintain a fresh and captivating profile. The tool also provides a freestyle feature, giving users the liberty to create varying types of copy with ease.

For more engaging posts, CopyTruck offers a Hook Post feature, providing templates to help users create gripping posts and gain followers. Another feature includes the LinkedIn Post Ideas, which aids in generating a stream of creative post ideas to keep the profile dynamic.

There's also an option of generating articles with AI, enabling users to share their ideas for AI to craft relevant narratives. This tool is exploratory in nature, providing users with a free trial to experience all the features.

Notably, the development team at CopyTruck aims to continuously expand the offering, promising additional features in the future.


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Pros and Cons


LinkedIn Article Writer feature
LinkedIn Post Writer capability
Variety of post styles
Creates detailed article outlines
Freestyle feature for uniqueness
Hook Post feature for engagement
Generates creative post ideas
Free trial available
Continuous feature expansion
Facilitates organic growth
Encourages captivating profiles
Efficient article creation
Highly engaging post creation
Offering 20+ post styles
Ability to tweak hook templates
Promotes brand & profile growth
Zero ad spend for growth
Helps maintain fresh profile
Transforms descriptions into articles
Assists in building hardcore followers
Streamlines LinkedIn article creation
Help create any copy with ease
Allows inputting user's ideas
No-stress feature exploration
Support team availability
Dedicated LinkedIn growth tool
Breaks through post noise


Only for LinkedIn
Limited freestyle feature
No announced upcoming features
Dependent on user input
Limited article creation
No ad spend feature
Limited free trial
Doesn't offer diverse platforms
Limited Hook Post templates
Templates may lack uniqueness


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What is the freestyle feature in CopyTruck?
What's the purpose of the Hook Post feature in CopyTruck?
How can CopyTruck help me generate ideas for LinkedIn posts?
What AI technology does CopyTruck use?
How can CopyTruck help in increasing LinkedIn growth organically?
Can I create articles with AI on CopyTruck?
How is the 'Get Started for Free' trial of CopyTruck like?
What happens after the free trial of CopyTruck?
Are there any plans for future features in CopyTruck?
Does CopyTruck support multiple writing styles?
How many hook template options are available in CopyTruck?
Can I customize the copy created by the AI in CopyTruck?
What does 'Streamline Article Creation for LinkedIn and Beyond' mean in the context of CopyTruck?
How can CopyTruck aid in content creation and engagement on LinkedIn?
What should I do if I use up all my AI words and Article credits in CopyTruck?
How can I get in touch with the CopyTruck support team?
Is CopyTruck associated with or endorsed by LinkedIn Corporation?

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