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WordPress plugin for chatbot and content gen.
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The AI Engine: GPT Tools & Chatbot for WordPress is a plugin that harnesses the power of AI to enhance a user's WordPress experience. With AI Engine, users can generate fresh and engaging content for their site using the GPT technology.

Additionally, users can try out a variety of tasks in AI playground, such as translation and correction, to improve their site's performance. The plugin also enables users to add a ChatGPT-style chatbot to their website, which can be customized to fit the website's branding and style.

AI Engine allows users to create datasets and fine-tune AI models to make their website even more impressive. The plugin also comes with an API for other plugins to tap into.

AI Engine has a free version and a pro version, both containing the chatbot feature, content and image generators, and much more. The pro version offers additional features such as AI forms, content-aware chatbots, statistics, and limits.

AI Engine is highly customizable, and users have full control over the plugin's features. Before using AI Engine, users are advised to read the disclaimer.

Overall, AI Engine is a powerful tool that enables users to harness the power of AI to improve their WordPress site's content, performance, and user experience.


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