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Swiftask is an all-in-one AI Assistant that combines various AI technologies, chatbots, and productivity tools into a single, cohesive chat interface. It aims to boost your productivity and creativity by offering a range of AI capabilities in one place.

With Swiftask, you can seamlessly integrate and access ChatGPT's powerful AI capabilities, including text generation and language translation. It also allows you to extract text from images and PDFs using OCR technology, transcribe audio into text with AI voice transcription, and generate custom images using AI-based image generation.In addition to these AI features, Swiftask offers project management functionalities to help you collaborate and stay organized.

You can manage your projects and tasks within the platform and let AI assist you in being more productive. Swiftask also allows you to chat on documents, use a document as a source of knowledge for ChatGPT, and conveniently export text from the chat to a Google Document with just one click.Swiftask offers different pricing plans to cater to different needs, starting from a free plan with limited credits per month, a basic plan for personal and team use, a pro plan with access to all features, and an enterprise account for large teams and enterprises.Overall, Swiftask presents itself as a tool that combines AI capabilities, chat functionality, and project management features, aiming to enhance productivity and creativity for individuals and teams.


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