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The ultimate keyboard app for all your writing needs
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Smart Typer - AI Keyboard is an application designed to enhance the user's writing process across various platforms and contexts, from sending emails and crafting tweets to drafting pickup lines.

Powered by artificial intelligence, this keyboard provides built-in prompt templates to inspire users and assist them in their writing tasks. It generates relevant and coherent suggestions to finish user's prompts, aiming to make the writing process faster and more efficient.

A unique feature of this tool is its ability to adapt to the user's writing style, improving over time to offer increasingly tailored assistance. The app prioritizes data safety and privacy, ensuring no data is shared with third parties or collected without user consent.

Furthermore, the tool enables users to seamlessly alternate between different keyboard layouts and offers continuous updates to improve user experience, including UI enhancements and potential future addition of features such as speech to text and a QWERTY keyboard layout.


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Smart Typer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Built-in prompt templates
Personalized writing assistance
Data not shared with third parties
No data collected
Regularly updated for data security
Available on Google Play
Suitable for all ages
Cross platform functionality
UI enhancements
Adapts to user's writing style
Alternates between keyboard layouts
Potential future speech to text
Future addition of QWERTY...
Regular bug fixes updates
Built for email drafting
Ideal for social media
Crafts creative pickup lines
Integrated digital writing support
Ratings and reviews verified
Keeps user information private


Lacks QWERTY layout
No speech-to-text feature
Switching between keyboards necessary
Confusing keyboard layout
Unimpressive GPT API hookup
Requires extensive permissions
Unstable script generation
Resetting permissions unclear
Vague on required permissions
Billing issues for users


What does Smart Typer app do?
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Does Smart Typer share or collect any personal data?
How does Smart Typer protect my data privacy?
What makes the Smart Typer app unique?
How often is Smart Typer updated?
How can Smart Typer assist in email drafting?
Can Smart Typer be used for writing social media content?
Does Smart Typer provide pickup line suggestions?
Can Smart Typer customize its assistance to match my writing style?
Does Smart Typer support different keyboard layouts?
Are there any planned features for future updates of Smart Typer?
Is the Smart Typer app suitable for children?
What are the UI enhancements in Smart Typer?
Does Smart Typer have a speech to text feature?
Does Smart Typer support a QWERTY keyboard layout?
How do I install Smart Typer on my device?
Can Smart Typer be used across different devices and platforms?

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