Writing 27 Feb 2023

Generated by GPT-3

Typeface is a generative AI application that enables businesses to create exceptional content at supercharged speeds. It offers four main features: Prompt, Flow, Blend, and Safe.

With Prompt, users can create engaging content in seconds simply by describing their thoughts. Typeface curates an array of content that users can ideate and edit in the same visual canvas.

With Flow, users can pick a template or create their own with just a few clicks, allowing them to easily extend or customize the tool to fit seamlessly into their natural workflow.

Blend enables user personalization to a brand and its audiences through learning its brand elements, such as assets, audience settings, and tone of voice.

Finally, Safe ensures brand safety and control by upholding high standards around safety, governance, and trust, and by allowing users to control their brand representation and ensure that their values are always reflected.

Typeface is an enterprise-grade tool that lets everyone express their unique imagination. Sign up is required to access the tool.


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