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Instantly generate human-like social posts with AI-driven hook prompts.
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Type Prompt is an AI-driven tool designed to produce human-like social posts and polished written content. By enabling one-click topic transformation, it aims to assist content creators looking to compose engaging posts swiftly and easily.

The AI tool provides AI Hook Prompts, which are based on effective strategies abstracted from leading influencers and customizable templates for different kind of content such as blog posts, social media posts or essays.

As part of its offering, Type Prompt decodes and distills these methodologies into customizable content templates that allow its users to create content that captivates and has the potential for popularity.

Type Prompt features topic options like 'Thought Leader Profile', 'Companies', 'Topic 101', 'Enough Procrastinating', 'Best Tools', 'Creative Revelation', 'Helpful Life Lessons', 'Career Mistakes', 'Book Curation', 'Controversial Take', and more.

These prompts don't just encourage generation of content but also reflect categories like education, entertainment, challenge, and empathy, providing depth and variety to the user's content creation process.

Type Prompt is designed for people who need assistance in creating regular, engaging content that grabs the audience's attention.


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