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CarbonCopy is an AI-powered writing software and content generation tool designed for a comprehensive range of users that include marketers, bloggers, social media managers, students, startups, and e-commerce businesses.

Its primary function is to generate various types of copy including product descriptions, ad copy, social media content, and more. CarbonCopy comes with over 50 customizable templates, aimed at assisting users in diverse writing tasks such as crafting engaging blog posts, enhancing resumes, creating impactful emails, or coming up with compelling social media content.

Additionally, the tool offers a long-form editor feature to aid in creating extensive content, taking over from where the user stops writing and then generating further content based on initial input.

CarbonCopy also introduces an AI chat feature named Luna, an AI system that adapts to user questions and preferences to provide responses. Beyond text generation, CarbonCopy expands its capabilities to AI-driven image creation, facilitating the design of unique artwork based on the style specified by the user.

The software also includes a Text-to-Speech tool with a selection of over 30+ voices, and an AI transcription feature allowing automatic conversion of audio to text.

These features are all built to save time, improve efficiency, and help achieve professional-quality output.


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