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Artificial Studio is a platform that offers a range of AI tools to automate creative projects. The tools cover various categories such as image and video creation, audio manipulation, room modification, and image enhancement.

For image creation, users can use the Dalle 2 tool to generate an image, create an image with stable diffusion v2.1, or create image variations. The colorize tool can be used to add color to black and white images, and the image depth tool generates depth maps from images.

Additionally, users can predict PBR texture maps from albedo texture using texture maps tool.With the video creation tool, users can generate funny videos using text-to-video, extend image border using extend image tool or create imaginative videos from audio files using audio to video.

For audio manipulation, there is an option to transform an audio's tone using transfer voice, generate music and special effects using text to audio, or create random drum beats with drum generator.

Users can also modify the interior of a room using modify room or change the background by removing or adding backgrounds to images. Finally, the platform offers tools for restoring old images, removing image blur, generating subtitles using audio files, and removing the background of an image.

Overall, Artificial Studio provides versatile options for automating creative projects, which can be useful for designers, marketers, and other professionals seeking to enhance their workflow efficiency.


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