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Boost editorial efficiency with generative AI.
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Acrolinx is an enterprise editorial management system that leverages generative AI to scale compliant content and manage associated risk. The platform caters to the whole content lifecycle offering functions such as content creation, editing, governance, and analysis.

Acrolinx provides live editorial assistance, automating governance across many content repositories, and delivers detailed analytics about content's quality and performance.

The generative AI, which is housed on an Azure AI infrastructure, assures scalability, future adaptability, and steadfast security. The Acrolinx system offers extensive and customizable enterprise writing guidance to help writers and editors produce and review content.

Intelligent corrective suggestions offered by the tool improve clarity and compliance of the content. The tool also offers a comprehensive capability to set up complex enterprise style guides for a multitude of target audiences.

The platform facilitates total editorial coverage on all content, including scoring content against enterprise style guides from varied sources such as repositories, workflows, file systems, and websites.

Acrolinx also allows users to analyze, report, and curate content based on its quality and performance. It provides visualizations on content quality and performance, aiding in the curation of high-quality content collections.

Acrolinx integrates with other writing tools to boost the overall editorial efficiency and meets environment-specific content requirements.


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