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IBM Watsonx is an upcoming enterprise-ready AI and data platform designed to enhance the impact of AI across businesses. The platform includes three main components: the studio, which enables businesses to train, validate, tune and deploy foundation and machine learning models; the store, which scales analytics and AI workloads for all data, anywhere, and is open, hybrid and governed; and the watsonx.governance toolkit, which enables AI workflows that are transparent, explainable, and built with responsibility.

Watsonx is built to help businesses create a competitive advantage by fine-tuning AI to their unique data and domain knowledge, scaling AI across their business, improving data access, applying governance, cutting costs, and getting quality models into production faster.

Watsonx's studio allows businesses to build with foundation models, generative AI, and machine learning, and is expected to be generally available in July.

The store scales analytics and AI workloads for all data and is expected to be generally available in July. The watsonx.governance toolkit enables responsible, transparent, and explainable AI workflows and is expected to be generally available in October.

Overall, IBM Watsonx is a powerful AI and data platform that provides businesses with the necessary tools to scale AI across their operations and extend AI deep into their business.

With fine-tuned AI and flexible data access, Watsonx provides businesses with what they need to remain competitive and technological leaders in their fields.


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