Elderly and time-constrained shopping assistant

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AIGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 4th 2023.
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Jay Marsolan
· Aug 9, 2023
Not ready for prime time. Most features do not work. Ex- Image generator will not even produce the image from example text provided “sunset over futuristic city”.
I couldn't Generate an image of Hailee Steinfeld

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Pros and Cons


Personalized recommendations
Pricing suggestions
Direct communication with manufacturers
Targets elderly and time-constrained individuals
Generates texts, images, reports
No complex prompts required
One-stop solution for content generation
Unlimited usage
Easy setup and use
Email writing assistance
Speech-to-text functionality
Advanced Dalle-2 or Stable Diffusion imaging
Expert-backed platform
Global user satisfaction
Much more than a chatbot
Telegram bot for convenience
Offers image generation
Supports voice communication
Database of prompts
Generates images from descriptions
Chat, fix grammar, generate reports
Personal and business utility
Completely free
Quick grammar fix option
Quick email/message generation
Effective prompt generation
Report generation
PDF/web summary capability
Social media assistance
Regular updates planned


Only accessible through Telegram
Limited to text generation
No API access
Depends on active internet connection
Can't handle multiple requests concurrently
Limited language support
No direct integration with ecommerce platforms
No data export/import functionality
Doesn't offer real-time support
No offline functionality


What is SAai (Shopping Assistant AI)?
How does SAai help the elderly and individuals with limited time?
In what ways does SAai personalize the online shopping experience?
How does SAai offer pricing suggestions?
What AI technology or algorithms does SAai employ?
What is AiGPT and how is it utilized by SAai?
How does AiGPT generate text or images?
What does it mean when you say AiGPT is user-friendly?
How can one communicate with manufacturers through SAai?
How does the voice chat feature work in AiGPT?
Can AiGPT help with writing emails or messages?
How does AiGPT handle prompt generation?
What is meant by 'Magic Prompts' in AiGPT?
How does the image generation feature in AiGPT work?
How does the 'Quick Email/Message' feature of AiGPT function?
How does AiGPT 'Reply Assistant' help with responses to messages or emails?
What kind of assistance does AiGPT provide for social media posts?
How can AiGPT help me generate reports?
How can I use AiGPT if I don't have the Telegram app?
How can I access all the features of AiGPT for free?

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