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AI Copilot for unique, on-brand content creation.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered content generation tool designed with a unique brand-first approach. This tool aims to truly understand the tone, messaging, and core values of a brand to create compelling and desired content.

By knowing a brand inside-out, ensures that all the generated content aligns strongly with the brand's image and communicates effectively with its audiences.

A key feature is the ToneArchitect module which is used to customise the tone of voice for a brand, based on the brand's purpose, personality, and sample content.

This ensures nuanced and authentic communication on different channels, covering various products and audiences. Also, can act as a full team of specialized writers or a 'Copilot', able to generate a range of content types including full-length articles, demand generation assets and improve existing content pieces.

The creation process is simplified into three steps: building a knowledge base about the company and its product, defining the brand's unique tone of voice, and then generating content by using pre-built templates or providing straightforward prompts to the Copilot.

Continual learning and improvement based on user feedback are key parts of, ensuring better alignment with user preferences over time.

Besides, places utmost importance on content privacy, using user feedback solely to enhance the user's Content Copilot.


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