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Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-integrated tool specifically created for Wordpress platforms to generate AI-powered content. It comprises an AI Plugin for SEO which is used to automatically produce content for Wordpress sites.

The tool has the ability to generate keywords and title ideas for articles, optimize text for pages and articles, and even create an entire website architecture based on just a single keyword.

It can integrate or create custom media content like images, videos, and social network embeds automatically into the sites content. It also allows users to schedule their publications in advance, and create Wordpress profiles with the help of AI.

An added advantage is the tools multi-linguistic support and availability of different AI models for text and images. Along with these features, offers different plans including a free version for users to experience the tool and paid versions which include features like unlimited text, website architecture, and AI images among others.

Furthermore, it allows OpenAI and Stable Diffusion API keys to be included which enhances the usage spectrum of the tool.


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