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Analyzing social media for creators to boost engagement.
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Focia is a platform that predicts the engagement of your content before you post it online. Our advanced machine learning models evaluate your online content for different social platforms and predict future performance with an over 80% accuracy rate.

We outperform current models on the market, and even break down the engagement triggers of your uploaded content. Our platform provides feedback for each piece of content you upload to fully maximise your engagement.

Our intelligent platform learns from your data, so the results are optimised for your use cases. Simply upload your content to the platform and optimise your engagement with a few clicks.

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May 27, 2023
Focia helps my content go skrrrt
May 27, 2023
Focia saved my marriage. My husband said if I couldn't get 10,000 likes on my next post then he was going to move back in with my mother but thanks to Focia, not only did I get so many likes that he begged me to come back, but former president Barakamon Obama-san personally came to my house and complimented my rare Pokémon cards. Thanks Focia

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