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Automated content creation and communication.
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DaVinsiri is a Siri Shortcut tool that allows users to communicate and generate content effortlessly. It is built on the GPT-3.5 Turbo model from OpenAI, which enables it to generate up to three responses per Siri trigger automatically.

The output is automatically saved to the OS clipboard for easy pasting. DaVinsiri can be customized with useful features such as back tap integration, multi-device support, and share sheet integration.

The share sheet integration allows you to input any text easily, and GPT-4 integration enables support for images, which is currently under development.

DaVinsiri requires an OpenAI account, but a trial version is available for those who do not have one. The trial version is available for the price of a cup of coffee for a 30-day period.

DaVinsiri is designed specifically for Apple devices, and it can be launched via widgets, Spotlight, or by asking Siri. In summary, DaVinsiri is a powerful AI tool that helps users generate content and communicate efficiently.

Its advanced Siri Shortcut ensures that users get fast and accurate responses to their requests, making content creation and communication much easier.


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