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Remaker is a comprehensive AI tool designed to facilitate the generation and production of creative content across various formats such as text and images using the principles of generative AI technology.

It offers an array of functionalities aimed at simplifying and enhancing the creative process. The tool includes features like 'Face Swap', 'AI Image Generator', 'Uncrop Image', 'AI Image Upscaler', 'Watermark Remover' and 'AI Object Replacer'.

The Face Swap function allows for the virtual replacement of faces in photos and videos. The AI Image Generator supports a text-to-image or image-to-image framework.

The Uncrop Image feature expands the background of an original image to provide greater detail. AI Image Upscaler enhances the resolution of images. The Watermark Remover deletes watermarks, objects, characters, logos, and text quickly, while the AI Object Replacer assists in image editing and restoration.

Moreover, the tool enables users to take full ownership of the content generated, allowing for commercial use provided it does not infrive on legal guidelines.


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