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Maika AI is a tool designed to streamline productivity and assist in content creation. This multifaceted tool offers support in writing and generating content for various platforms.

It features prebuilt templates that facilitate easy ideation and quick drafting. The workflow function provides a step-by-step process, aiding in generating ideas, outlines, and content.

Maika AI also offers an extension tool labeled 'AI Copilot' which enables users to write emails, translate content, and convert text to speech without switching tabs.

Users can systematically organize and easily retrieve information using the note-taking feature. The tool encapsulates the capability to summarize the primary content of videos and lengthy articles.

Couple with this, Maika AI includes a specialized keyword research tool for SEO, aiding in the selection of suitable keywords to optimize and increase your website's ranking.

AI also supports diversifying ideas and standardizing structures for various web articles, social media posts, and advertising. In a conversation format, users provide specific requirements for Maika AI to instantly search and summarise information.

With the Maika extension utility, users can create content right on the working webpage, including writing emails, posts, summarizing videos, and much more.


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