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Supercharge your business with an AI creative subscription.
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WhisperAI is a subscription-based Generative AI service tailored for businesses that seek to fuel their digital creative needs. The service facilitates creation of bespoke image and soon video content.

It essentially works as your personal AI whisperer to supercharge your creative needs. After subscribing to a monthly plan, users can submit unlimited creative requests.

These can range from product imagery, Instagram and model imagery, architectural imagery, film concept art, to billboards, digital ads, and more. The turn-around time for these requests is swift, taking an average of 48 hours on business days.

Additionally, throughout the subscription, users are allowed to request unlimited changes. Another key feature includes offering full commercial rights, enabling the use of the content produced across various platforms for promotional purposes.

The subscription service epitomizes convenience as it allows users to pause, cancel or resume their subscription at any time. As for collaborations, ideas are submitted one at a time for manageable and efficient project execution.

A noteworthy aspect of WhisperAI is its emphasis on adaptability, with the capacity to generate high resolution content that can be scaled to any resolution and aspect ratio.


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