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Sage is a comprehensive AI platform designed to facilitate various creative processes, offering practical applications in conversations, code generation, image creation, video editing, and audio composition. Positioned as an AI companion, Sage employs dynamic and lifelike conversation capabilities, providing assistance or casual engagement in real-time.

In the realm of software development, Sage enhances efficiency by accelerating the coding journey, assisting users from individual functions to complete application development. Leveraging DALLE-2 technology, Sage enables users to effortlessly translate ideas into visual content, generating images ranging from simple prompts to detailed illustrations. The platform extends its utility to revolutionize video content creation, producing tailored clips and short videos without manual editing.

Sage further caters to audio needs, offering text-to-speech audio generation with natural voices and the ability to compose short music clips using custom prompts, with plans to introduce audio-to-audio translation in the future.

The platform provides diverse subscription plans, accommodating various budgets and offering savings on yearly commitments. Users can access a range of features, including conversation, code generation, image and video generation, and audio composition, with different plans tailored to meet individual requirements. Additionally, Sage offers a FAQ section, addressing common queries related to the platform's services, ensuring a seamless and informed user experience.

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