Task automation 02 Apr 2023
Automated content generation workflow.

Generated by ChatGPT

NumerousFlow is an AI automation tool that helps users reduce repetitive tasks involved in content generation using ChatGPT. It simplifies the content generation process by creating workflows that perform identical actions on different ChatGPT input prompts.

These workflows automate routine processes, including formatting text, generating summaries, FAQs, recipes, titles, video scripts, and integrating links automatically.

By using NumerousFlow, bloggers, copywriters, content marketers, curators, influencers, and social media managers, among others, can save valuable time and increase efficiency when performing repetitive content generation tasks.

The tool allows users to create, save, and select flows, and then run them to produce desired outputs. NumerousFlow's user-friendly interface makes it easy to create and manage workflows, even with no coding experience.

By automating tasks, NumerousFlow streamlines the content generation process, eliminating the need for manually writing repetitive tasks into ChatGPT to save users valuable time.

Apart from the time-saving benefits, NumerousFlow also saves businesses money by reducing manual labor costs, which can be a significant advantage for businesses.

In addition, the workflow automation feature reduces the risk of errors that may occur when performing tasks manually, achieving higher quality output in less time.

NumerousFlow's advanced automation features come in two pricing plans, the free plan, and the pro plan, both designed to suit different needs. Overall, it is an innovative tool designed to help users automate repetitive tasks while delivering high-quality work in less time, ultimately promoting efficiency.

NumerousFlow was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates repetitive tasks
Streamlines content generation
User-friendly interface
No coding experience required
Reduces manual labor costs
Mitigates risk of errors
Creates, saves and selects flows
Time-saving functionality
Enables automatic text formatting
Generates automatic summaries
Creates FAQs automatically
Generates recipes automatically
Generates titles automatically
Scripts videos automatically
Automates link integration
Suitable for multiple professionals
Two pricing plans
Saves steps in workflow
High-quality output generation
Enhances overall efficiency
Creates multiple workflows
Access to history of output
Reduces tasks completion time
Saves businesses money
Can switch GPT models
Upgrades available for enhanced experience
Workflow automation feature
Simple to share and export content
Easy content download option
Supports social media publishing
Unlimited content generation
Automates series of steps
Improving service quality
Supports creation of food recipes


Limited to ChatGPT
No custom workflow creation
Pro plan only offers 7 actions
Restricted daily run flows
Only 20 flow creation in Pro plan
Lacks variety in automation features
No multilingual support
No capabilities for integration with third-party tools
No version control for workflows
No detail on security or data privacy


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